Lucile Middlebrooks                                                      City Clerk

Lucile can be reached at her City Hall office:

(229) 468-9835

As the City Clerk of Ocilla, Ms.Lucile Middlebrooks is responsible for providing information pertaining to Ordinances, Resolutions, Elections, and Open Records' request.

Ms.Lucile is the Supervisor of the office staff at city hall and provides support to the Mayor, Council, other Department Heads, and City Employees.
Ms. Lucile records and provides information pertaining to Agendas and Minutes for the City Council meetings. She works with the Mayor and Council to provide the best municipal services for the Citizens  of Ocilla.
She works with various insurance agencies, other governmental agencies, and community leaders such as the various County Offices of Irwin County, the Southern Georgia Regional Commission, USDA Rural Development, Ocilla Housing Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Power, and Irwin EMC to provide the City with the best possible services for the Citizens of Ocilla as well as the employees of the City.
She is a member of the Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association.
She is a very proud graduate of Irwin County High School and a graduate of Valdosta State University